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Oliver's A to Z - CAPITALISM-C

Oliver’s A to Z on Capitalism

CAPITALISM Oliver’s complete guide to capitalism. Advertising Always reminding us that we are defective and in need of constant upgrades. It’s why you feel anxious all the time, get your needs and wants all twisted and why your kids secretly think you’re a fucking failure. Bail Out Capitalism is a ruthless system based on the

Game of Slaves

Game of Slaves

Game of Slaves We’re all just slaves.   Game of Thrones season five has come and gone. Shocking sexual and violent perversions of human behavior sully the screens of wanton onlookers. This intertwined with enough fantasy beasts and demons to separate it from our reality. Corruption in the form of ruthless self-serving behavior pollutes the

Strength in Silence

Strength in Silence

Strength in Silence Sometimes, the best thing to say is nothing at all.     “He who controls others is strong; he who controls himself is truly powerful.” – Laozi, Tao Teh Ching   Someone new to Bali is trying to figure out how to ride a scooter for the first time. An unacquainted, visibly

Foof For Thought

Food for Thought

Food for Thought We discuss the food culture of a nation with Rahung Nasution.     Rahung Nasution, known also as Koki Gadungan is a native of Batak Mandailing, North Sumatra. He has a close affinity to the tribal Bataks of the area and of indigenous people everywhere. Distinctly he has a traditional tattoo from


Lacalita – Serving Food Fit for a Mexican Drug Lord

Lacalita Serving Food Fit for a Mexican Drug Lord   Have you seen the children of Mexican drug lords on Instagram? Holy shit. They’re great! They’re like what would happen if Liberace got drunk on Cristal and gunpowder, fucked a UFC fighter, got pregnant in his adrenal glands and gave birth in a nest of

Resort 2016 Standout Trends

Resort 2016 Standout Trends

Resort 2016 Standout Trends We examined the collections from 2016 Spring and Resort and identified the standout trends and styling tips. Here’s what we’ll be wearing next spring.   Tie a knot! On your jacket, on your top, with the two flaps of your shirt. It will be the coolest way of keeping clothes in their

Tuile by Ku De Ta

Tuile by Ku De Ta

Tuile by Ku De Ta KU DE TA’s newest offering open for high season 2015   Razed to the ground, the right-hand side of KU DE TA has been totally rebuilt and redesigned as an innovative two-story restaurant and bar space called Tuile. Named after the wafer-thin, curvy French cookies that derive their inspiration from


Music Review

July Music Review: Jamie xx and Major Lazer

Music Review   Jamie xx “In Colour” (Young Turks) Right from the beginning of the opening track “Gosh,” producer Jamie Smith puts a clear statement on the table: this is not an xx record. Jamie’s main band, xx, has given the world two stellar albums full of slow, moody, love songs that still end up


Film Review

July Film Review: Jurassic World and Inside Out

Film Review   Jurassic World (Universal Pictures) Welcome to the power of nostalgia. With an opening weekend of over $500 million worldwide it is clear that everyone was waiting to spend another day inside the Jurassic Park. This time the park is open, and the dinosaurs are bigger and badder than anyone could ever imagine.