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I-Magazine Bali sits down with model and painter, Salvita De corte. Based in Bali, Salvita has graced the campaigns of almost every brand based here as well as internationally. Her unique facial features and manorisims are gentle.  She is beautiful no doubt and yet easy to be around and to have a coffee and talk about life. So we dive in conversation to explore her culture and artistic depth.

How’s it going?

Good thanks…

So you had a show not to long ago, how did it go?

Em, yeah I had a show at the gallery (Salims gallery) with a good friend of mine, Naomi. It went really well . We decided to have a “small” show before the gallery closed, I was surprised how many people came with so much support. It was really nice .

I love your use of color and broad brush strokes, is there a particular way you approach a painting?

No not really, I just paint or use whatever technique I feel like using at the time. I don’t have any special routine that I go through. It changes, I’m still experimenting and going through “phases”.

What do you think about the art scene in general here in Bali? 

Well, Bali is a really multi cultural place. The culture itself is creative. Take for example  Barong, dance, carvings etc… It’s nice to see how the art scene has grown and there’s so much new talent emerging. Im excited to open the new gallery, it will be nice to show works of other talents in Bali also.

Where did you grow up, cause I understand you have a mixed background?

Born and raised in Bali. My mum is German but she’s practically Indonesian, she moved here 25 years ago. My dad is Indian-Indonesian.

Your dad was an artist, how was it being around a non-stop painter?

Crazy! Hahaha. It was definitely an interesting way to grow up being around him. He has a big influence in my artwork. The way I paint and what I paint, mostly woman sometimes reminds me of certain pieces he did. Painting was his life, sounds cheesy, but it’s true. He painted everyday, day and night. He moved out of our house when I was five and lived in his studio, he just needed his own space to be creative, which I fully understand now.

What inspires you at the moment?

People and their unique characters. Facial expressions and women.

So now your looking at a new space to paint and set up a gallery, very cool, hows that going?

Its going really well. We are moving the gallery to Canggu, near Bali Buddha. So excited to start something new at the same keep my dads work alive and show my work and other artists works. So excited!!!

I know this might sound cheesy, but what motivates you to get up and go?

That is a bit cheesy… Not knowing what the day might bring to you, and wanting to find out. Not knowing when you last day is gonna be… that might sound cheesy too!

Your versatile in a good way but which do you prefer painting or modelling?

Do I really have to choose? I think I can do both, no?  In the long run I think I would prefer painting but at the moment both modelling and painting work together so well.

Heard you might have a huge campaign in Hong Kong, can we talk about that?

Yeah, I’m still waiting to see what happens with that. Right now its still unsure.

Is it hard to get out of Bali ? 

Yes. But after three months max, I do feel like I need a break from the island, escape for a bit.  But I’ve never tried to live outside of Bali. I hear its really hard once you lived here  too long.

Where do you see yourself traveling in the future ?

In the near future? I really want to explore Indonesia and the “so many” islands here.

Whats next?

Ill be working at the gallery… so exited about this… hopefully go to Hongkong, if not you’ll find me going back and forth from Jakarta to Bali, and of course painting.  At least that




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